Princess Lexie – Chastity Release Tease

I’ve had you locked in chastity for 3 months and today’s the day I’m finally letting you out of your little cock cage! I tease you about how long it’s been and then unlock you, telling you that you may stroke but you can only cum when I give you permission. But first we’re going to play a little game: I have a sexy hot tease planned for you, and if you can make it to the end without cumming then I will give you a cum countdown. But if you cum before My special countdown then you have to ruin your orgasm for Me and I’ll lock you right back up for another YEAR! Ready to play? Good!
Oh I forgot to mention…this isn’t just any old tease. I’ve brought a few different outfits with Me so that I can exploit ALL of your weaknesses. My legs, My cleavage, and My ass will undoubtedly make your cock explode. Question is…will you be able to hold off until the end? Not if I have anything to do with it….

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Princess Lexie - Chastity Release Tease

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