ManyVids – Madison Marz – You Stole My Promotion Prepare To Be

I am absolutely pissed that our boss gave you a promotion instead of me! I literally do all of the work around the office while you literally sit and watch Youtube videos all day. It is complete bullshit you got a raise and a promotion and I am completely enraged about it! You know what happens when I get mad? I shrink pathetic little men like you down to a few inches tall and make them do exactly what I want them to do. I am going to shrink you down and make you pay for stealing MY promotion! I shrink you down to a few inches tall and begin crushing your pathetic, fragile little body with my black stilettos. I continue to take my anger out on you as I stomp all over you. You work for me now, but I sure as hell will not be paying you a single penny. You nearly fucked up my career, and I am going to make you pay severely. I stuff your body up my tight little pussy while telling you I have fantasized about this moment for quite some time. As I pull you out of my pussy, your entire face is completely covered with my delicious juices and I command you to lick it off. I confess that when I get hungry, I have a tendency to crave little weak men like yourself for a little snack. I decide that it is time to eat you whole so that you can finally be put out of your misery. After consuming you, I question if I should have kept you around a bit longer as a play toy. I eventually decide to move onto having some fun with my boss and demand I get that raise and promotion I deserve! This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps
Shrinking Fetish, Giantess, Crush, Foot Fetish, Vore

ManyVids - Madison Marz - You Stole My Promotion Prepare To Be
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