ManyVids – Madison Marz – Vacuuming The House And Toys

I have been cleaning the house all day top to bottom in my sexy clear stilettos. I find a huge mess of little toys and Legos all over the floor and decide it would be a lot of fun vacuuming them out of my dress. You are able to hear all the various sounds the toys make as they get strongly sucked into the vacuum. I am unable to resist and begin suctioning my nipples with the nozzle and get them extremely hard. I then switch out of the dress into a sexy tight black lace top and begin suctioning little toys out of that top. This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps
Foot Fetish, Housecleaning, Nipple Play, Shoe Fetish, Vacuuming

ManyVids - Madison Marz - Vacuuming The House And Toys
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