ManyVids – Madison Marz – Vacuuming Gone Naughty

It’s cleaning day so you get to watch me vacuum the carpets in my sexy house dress and black stilettos! You get an incredible view of my toned and fit legs as I push the vacuum along the carpet. I then get down on my hands and knees and clean under the wood stove while giving you an incredible view of my body. As I lean in more to clean under the stove you get an incredible view of my pussy and asshole. The longer I clean with the vacuum, the hornier I get knowing how incredible the hose nozzle feels on my pussy lips and sensitive clit. Unable to resist any longer I move the nozzle from under the stove right to my meaty pussy lips. As I am overcome with pleasure from the suction feeling, I cannot help but wonder what the nozzle would feel like on my sexy feet and toes. I then move the nozzle to my feet and begin suctioning my toes with the hose nozzle and get completely swept away by the incredible feeling. This video was shot with a Nikon DSLR camera and was filmed in HD 1080p 60fps
Vacuuming, Foot Play, Upskirt, Huge Labia, Foot Fetish

ManyVids - Madison Marz - Vacuuming Gone Naughty
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