ManyVids – Madison Marz – Breathe In My Sweaty Body Odor

I just got back from the gym and I am SO smelly from being drenched in sweat at the gym! I start off by slowly taking off my disgusting, well worn shoes to unleash the potent fragrance of my week worn workout socks! I comment on how potent they are and make a face as I do so. I stick both of my feet directly into your face and demand that you take a big whiff of them as you lick and suck all over my filthy, dirty socks. I then stick my filthy, never washed shoes right in your face so you can smell just how gross they are! I make you lick them clean for me and savor their potent flavor. I put my sweaty asshole right against your nose and make you take a deep breath. I then make you sniff the armpit area of my workout shirt so you can enjoy just how rank my body odor is right after the gym! I take off my shirt to reveal my extremely dirty sports bra that is still damp from my sweat and I make you sniff and lick all over it. I then push my bare armpits right into your face so you can enjoy my strong body odor directly from the source! I then give you a devious look as I peel my socks off of my stinky feet. I inform you that I am going to stuff my rank socks right into your mouth so you can savor the delicious taste of them. I begin to countdown from 10 and when I hit zero, you are to shoot your hot load all over my dank and stinky sports bra. This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps
Sweat Fetish, Sock Smelling, Workout/Gym, Socks, Smell Fetish

ManyVids - Madison Marz - Breathe In My Sweaty Body Odor
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