ManyVids – Felicia Vox – Suckubus

Good morning sleepyhead! Oh who am I? Just your friendly neighborhood succubus, that’s who! This isn’t a dream; it’s real. But don’t be afraid! I’ve come to fulfill your deepest and darkest desires… You’ve never felt a human tongue against your cock feel as good as mine does! And my pussy is LITERALLY out of this world! You’re so close to cumming! But wait just one second. There’s a slight… catch… If you cum, your soul is MINE FOREVER. It’s too late to fight this and I KNOW you want me and need me. After all, no mortal could ever make you feel as good as I do… I’ll even let you cum inside my tight little pussy.

Cosplay, Costume, Fantasy, Gothic, Halloween

ManyVids - Felicia Vox - Suckubus

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