ManyVids – Felicia Vox – Assassin Cums on her Victim’s Balcony

Song: Ezio’s Family by Jesper Kyd][HD 1920*1080p][Character: Ezio Auditore Genderbend Cosplay from Assassin’s Creed 2 (costume made by me!)] Presenting the best assassin in the series, Ezia Auditore, the unknown assassin. One of the first females introduced into the Brotherhood of Assassins, and one of the most stealthy (hence why no one has ever heard of her). On her mission to assassinate a very important Templar victim, she decides to relieve some pre-execution tension by cumming in public on her victim’s balcony. Of course, she has to be quiet, for fear of others or her target hearing her arrival. After cumming, she remembers a peasant girl who vies for her attention gave her some sweets earlier in the day and decides to try something new: lollipop insertion. At the end, she becomes dripping wet. (This is how I create my “pussy pops” listed in my store tab and is also my first public video I’ve ever made! Even though it’s on my balcony which is semi-private, I had someone right below me on the balcony below and many around me during filming. Also, music is only in the preview and not in the purchased video.

Asian, Cosplay, Costume, Public Outdoor, Halloween

ManyVids - Felicia Vox - Assassin Cums on her Victim's Balcony

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