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No music in full video, only in preview][Music in preview: Can’t Stop the Healing – Instalok][HD 1920*1080p][Character: Mercy from Overwatch][Scripted][Watermark art by SuzumeCreates (Twitter/IG)][Full video is higher quality than preview!] It’s time for your scheduled checkup at the doctor’s office, and lucky you – you get to be examined by Overwatch’s head of medicine, Doctor Angela Ziegler! As she takes a look at your chart, you can’t help but get distracted by your beautiful physician… She catches you gazing at her while she gives you health advice, disappointed that you don’t seem to be paying attention. But maybe you’ll pay attention to something else… Like her lips and pussy wrapped around your cock. Only one way to find out! | I’ve never put this much work, money, and time into a video, but it’s finally here! Wig, halo (post-3D print), badge, neckpiece and coat were all created and styled by me. The wings were purchased from Lunar Craft Studio on etsy, and everything else was purchased premade or as props (dress, stethoscope, mug, clipboard). If you’ve been following my snapchat or twitter, you’ll know this cosplay has been in the works for MONTHS. I’m happy to finally present it finished! This is the most I’ve ever worked on not only a script, but acting as well. I don’t use Mercy’s accent in this (didn’t want to risk sounding dumb since I hadn’t practiced her accent) but I’m really proud of what I was able to create. During editing, there was a technical issue that I found where there was a heavy amount of mic static, but it has been fixed; there is also some creaking noise from the wings due to its weight (min 30 lbs) and movement, which I tried to reduce, but is still there. because the audio isn’t as ideal as I’d like after fixing the issue (I’m a perfectionist lol), this video has been discounted a bit. The download from this listing is NOT 4K, but if you would like to see the ultra HD version of this video, purchase this video listing and the 4K upgrade item in my store If you have any problems with playback of this video, please be sure to contact me asap! | TAGS: fantasy, creampie, cream pie, overwatch, mercy, angela ziegler, doctor, cosplay, costume, asian, blowjob, blow jobs, lingerie, stockings, pantyhose, striptease, dirty talking, eye contact, dildo riding, squirting dildo, dildo sucking, squirting, nerdy girls, gamer girl, role play, roleplay.

Asian, Cosplay, Costume, Halloween, Nurse Play

ManyVids - Felicia Vox - 4K  Mercy Gives You Healing

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