ManyVids – Espi Kvlt – Espi’s Inferno

You have summoned me to your realm. A lustful demon to please you. There’s a catch. I’ll please you, but you’re coming back to Hell with me. I strip out of my clothes and read from Dante’s Inferno as I finger fuck myself (that’s the kinda thing humans find strange and occult, right?). But that isn’t doing it for me, so I get myself nice and wet by fingering myself some more up close and in another position, and then I pull out my dildo. I suck it and fuck myself with it until I orgasm. But I’m not done yet?! You had me a strange object I’ve never seen and tell me to turn it on and use it on my vagina. I’m scared of it, but I do as you ask, and I have another amazing orgasm!
Costume, Long Nails, Finger Fucking, Vibrator, Masturbation

ManyVids - Espi Kvlt - Espi's Inferno
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