ManyVids – Espi Kvlt – Dark Side in Darth Talon

Darth Talon has been expecting you. She knew Jedi scum would find her and attempt to eliminate her, but instead of fighting with you, she has other plans in mind to get what she wants. When you arrive, she slides across the bed in her red lingerie and teases you by pulling the teddy up to show you her pussy and then taking it off. She spanks herself a couple times and then begins to finger herself. She then grabs her lightsaber and sucks on it to get you extra horny. She fucks herself with her lightsaber, then shoves her ass in your face. Darth Talon spanks herself, fingers herself, and then lies back with her pussy in your face until she fingers herself to orgasm.
Costume, Cosplay, Odd Insertions, Nerdy Girls

ManyVids - Espi Kvlt - Dark Side in Darth Talon
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