ManyVids – Espi Kvlt – Blackmailing Slutty Schoolgirl

Espi has always been a bad girl, but she takes it to a new level when she sneaks a dildo into class and you catch her fingering herself and going to grab it out of her backpack. She begs you not to tell her dad – he’s going to hold her back, and then she’ll be a Super Senior! She’ll do anything to avoid that. You make her strip out of her clothes and slap her ass. She thinks that’s good enough, but you tell her no, she has to fuck herself for you, too. She obliges, fingering herself, and using the dildo in various positions before reaching a loud orgasm.
School Girl, School Uniform, Blackmail Fantasy, Dildos, Dildo Fucking

ManyVids - Espi Kvlt - Blackmailing Slutty Schoolgirl
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