ManyVids – Espi Kvlt – 21st Century Succubus

You come home to find a strange file on your desktop. “ill_wait_for_you.mp4” it says. You don’t remember saving anything like that, so you open the file to see what on earth it is. You are shocked to find a video of a succubus on your bed! You have no idea how she got in, or how she got into your computer, but she has taken a video of herself stripping to a song and then fucking herself! You are even more surprised when she switches from fucking herself with her fingers to fucking herself with a vibrator. Where on earth did she get that? You watch as she orgasms with the vibrator, fingering herself as she does. Then you watch as she licks her juice off the vibrator. You know there’s only one thing to do: you have to summon her back. (Music provided by
Costume, Finger Fucking, Solo masturbation, Vibrator

ManyVids - Espi Kvlt - 21st Century Succubus
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