ManyVids – Bunnie Hughes – Ageplay HD Dad Fucks Schoolgirl Daughter

Finally, your daughter is home from a long day at school. She still has so much to do, so she sits down to do schoolwork on her computer. That’s when you walk in. You sit and admire her for a while. After a while, she gets warm and removes her shirt, still thinking no one is there — until she catches a glimpse of you. “This is wrong,” she says, “if it’s turning you on, maybe you should go.” You ask her to show you the panties you bought her, and she obliges, lifting up her pretty little skirt to reveal the tight-fitting underwear you got her last week. “All the girls in the locker room say they look good on me,” she remarks. And then you feel it, your hard cock throbbing beneath the fabric of your jeans. She notices too, and suggests once more that you leave. But she hesitates. “It does feel nice to be appreciated,” she says, stepping closer to you. “Maybe… maybe mom won’t suspect anything, considering I’m your daughter and all. It can’t hurt to try… we just have to be quiet about it… right?” You two move to the bed and things heat up quickly 😉 x0x0-Bunnie
Daddy Roleplay, School Girl, School Uniform, Submissive Sluts, Taboo

ManyVids - Bunnie Hughes - Ageplay dad fucks schoolgirl daughter
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