Lyra Fae – JOI and CEI for Your Tiny Dick SPH

I ask you to start jerking your tiny cock for me, starting at a rapid pace. After a couple of minutes I tell you I’ll pull up my shirt and show you my tits if you do something nasty. I make you get some of the precum off your little dick and taste it – how does that taste? As promised I pull my shirt off and continue giving you JOI, commenting throughout about how small your little dick is and making you taste your precum a few more times. At the end I give you a countdown and tell you to cum in your hand…and lick it up for me.
Lyra starts off the video giving you jerk off instructions with some SPH after a bit she makes you play with your precum and rewards you by showing you her tits. Afterwards she continues the JOI and SPH this time with her tits out while also continuously insulting you until the end of the video where she gives you cum eating instructions.

Lyra Fae - JOI and CEI for Your Tiny Dick SPH

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