Humiliation POV – Mistress T – If Your Ex Could See You Now

Look at you, what the fuck are you doing? Have you even looked at yourself lately? Like really looked at yourself. Take a moment and go look at yourself in the mirror. Now you see what I and everyone else sees. How low and pathetic you’ve become. You’re a shell of the man you used to be. Do you remember how you were when you were with your ex? She kept you normal. You were different then, more put together. And now that it’s over, she’s out living a normal life and look what you’ve become.
And you’ve kept tabs on her haven’t you? She has a job, new friends, a new life, and a new guy. She’s moved on and she’s happy. And look at yourself, addicted to humiliation porn, addicted to being humiliated. If she could see you now. Imagine if, imagine if she saw what has happened to you. Imagine she came in with her new man and they saw the pathetic human being you’ve become. A jerkoff loser with no friends and no life. Deteriorating by the day.
Your whole life has become one big jerkoff session to videos of girls humiliating you. You’re even stroking now as I give you a dose of reality. What if I was there and your ex saw you kissing my ass as you jerked off in the floor. You’d probably like that, being humiliated in front of her and her new man, as you suck my heel. You’ve sunken to a new low. And the deeper you sink, the harder you get.
You know that a real woman wants nothing to do with you. That’s why your ex left you, she was too good for you. And now she laughs about you to her new man and her girlfriends. You’re nothing but a joke to her. And you jerkoff to that fact, pathetic.

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Humiliation POV - Mistress T - If Your Ex Could See You Now

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