Goddess Canna – Intoxicated and weak for my legs

My junkie is back for another leg teasing drinking game. Every time that I cross my legs you’ll be taking a big sip of alcohol. In my nude fishnets and tall black heels you can’t resist. Of course for my own amusement I toss in shots whenever I feel like it. What you thought would be an innocent drinking game is turning into a mind fuck. Making you pause the clip to let the alcohol sink in, making you complete humiliating tasks while wasted, sending me tributes, purchasing bulk clips orders, whatever I want. You’re under my complete control, too fucked up to fight. You have no thoughts of your own only what I tell you. Your brain, wallet, and cock obey Goddess Canna.
Now I introduce a double cross which means sniffing . I show no mercy and with each sniff I take advantage and fuck with your simple male mind. You’re completely helpless to legs, anytime you see them in public you’ll be instantly hard. You crave being helpless, being controlled by dominant women. These triggers will effect you long after finishing this clip and sobering up. After all you’ve consumed for me, after all the brainwashing you’ve experienced you are completely zombified. One last task for my mindless slave to perform for my amusement. A ruined orgasm that you’ll gladly eat up. So weak for Goddess Canna, completely helpless when you’re intoxicated.

Gategory: MIND FUCK

Goddess Canna - Intoxicated and weak for my legs

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