Goddess Angel – Turning my boyfriend into my bitch

I’m so glad you came over baby! Wait, before you start undressing me, let’s goof around for a bit. Don’t be such a dispose joy… What, does this outfit turn you on? It does, doesn’t it… I mean look at your cock! You totally have a boner, I can see it. That’s fine, but I want to do something a little more… kinky today, okay? You trust me right babe… Good! Don’t ask about the cup, you’ll find out later. Let’s get that dick out of your pants.. Mmm, good boy. You want to be a good boy for me right, want to prove your dedication and love for me? You’ll obey every command. You’ll do exactly as I say. It feels amazing when I jerk your cock off for you, focus on how soft and smooth my hands feel, how my spit coats your dick perfectly as I pump back and forth… Now, your turn, jerk it. Watch me tease you… Fucking look at me, pay attention bitch. Ha! Good! See, you’re already learning. Look at how you transform into such a good little bitch boy when you’re all horny for me, you’ve never been in control this relationship, and you’ll never be. You’ll be my bitch for the rest of your life, desperate, chasing after these intense pleasure only I give you. Jerk your cock harder you pathetic little wanker. Harder! Good. Now remember that cup I put here…. You’re going to prove how much you’re dedicated to your new slave lifestyle! Consider this a right of passage.

Goddess Angel - Turning my boyfriend into my bitch

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