Goddess Alexandra Snow – Black Widow on the Hunt

Hey, stud. You were flirting with me so hard down there over the poker table and when I finally agreed to leave with you.. You thought you were going to get lucky, didn’t you? Well you’re about to get very lucky. I want you to lie down on your back while I straddle your body. Look how hard and excited you’ve become at the thought of my gorgeous form all over you.. your cock is rock hard in my hand. Do you know what gets me excited? Hunting the male species. I love the thrill of your body beneath me, knowing that there are so many ways that you can meet your end. Will it be smothered between my amazing breasts? What about pinned down beneath my ass and made to suffocate? No, no. I want to use my bare hands. My perfectly manicured fingers wrapped so nicely around your throat.. I want you to stroke while I squeeze.

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Goddess Alexandra Snow - Black Widow on the Hunt

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