emmaescapes – Another You

10min // 720p // 60fps // (Another You): “Emma finds herself being interviewed by a strange voice and a talent agency she’s never heard of. She excitedly walks into the office to find… herself? A woman in a mask gestures her to stay exactly where she is and Emma loses control of her body. Her and her doubles begin gleefully masturbating and showing off their bodies together. Just as Emma realizes how horny she is all of a sudden, the masked woman freezes her from moving or talking, and Emma is in suspended animation. Her doubles continue to masturbate until they cum, and then are suspended as well. The masked woman enjoys the quiet before rewinding time and starting the dream over again.” //// ((( Producer’s Note: This clip is very ‘experimental’. I’ve been making creepy short videos for awhile and wanted to try my hand at a porno. Alot of work went into this and im very proud of it, but please know its not perfect. If you enjoy Lynchian art film, you will probably enjoy this!
 Auditions, Cuckolding, Cumshots, Solo masturbation, Trans

emmaescapes - Another You
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