Astro Domina – Exploited By Weakness For Asian Legs

Your coworker Sydney is tired of you staring at her legs. She wants to really teach you a lesson and make you regret being such a leering perv towards women. Her plan is to get you to play a drinking game where you take a sip of a drink every time she crosses her legs. She seems very interested in you and talks about how she likes how her legs look in heels. This is a fun and innocent game. Let’s do it!
After a few sips, she suggests you finish the drink and says how cool it would be if you did 2 shots. Why not?!
After a pause, your inhibitions are slipping away. Things get blurry. All you remember is legs crossing, lots of legs crossing. You get naked and start stroking as you sip. One more break, 2 more shots. It’s all sinking in slowly as your conscious drifts away.
You are completely mesmerized by Sydney’s legs. This is where she starts to take advantage of your state to teach you a lesson. She has you perform various tasks of humiliation. Exploitation. Tease. Denial. Everything is a blur now. What the hell happened?

Category: MIND FUCK

Astro Domina - Exploited By Weakness For Asian Legs

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